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Advancement: How Interim Leaders Maintain Momentum

Article by Dr. Peyton R. Helm ~ Dr. Peyton R. Helm most recently served as the interim Chancellor of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Drawing from his experience as both Chancellor and Chief Development & Community Officer, Peyton offers readers insight into the possible blindsides associated with the Development office.
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Lessons From The Field: Six Tips for Success

Article by Dr. Lucille Sansing ~ Dr. Lucille Sansing serves as a Registry Senior Consultant and coordinates Registry interim assignments. In this article, Lucille offers six tips on how improve your campus interview experiences based on her observations from the field. Lucille has also served in three Registry interim assignments herself, and so draws from that experience as well.
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Why Rigorous, Data-Driven Academic Program Reviews Matter

Article by Dr. Michael T. Marsden ~ In this article, Dr. Michael T. Marsden speaks to the importance of data-driven academic program reviews and the ways that interim leaders can handle this delicate task. Michael discusses the nuances of qualitative versus quantitative data, critical elements of a successful review, and how to influence organizational culture to be receptive to change.
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The Importance of Confidentiality

Article by Ms. Nikki Cormier ~ In this article, Ms. Nikki Cormier revisits the expectations of confidentiality with regard to interim assignments from the perspective of the client institution, The Registry, and Registry members. Nikki is currently serves as The Registry's Director of Client Services.
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Interviews & Book Reviews

Interview With Author Dorothy Campbell

An Interview with: Dr. Dorothy Campbell ~ In this interview, Dr. Campbell talks about her new book on leadership and diversity in higher education. Dorothy most recently served as the interim Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Frostburg State University. Before that, she served as the interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the Texas A&M University System Office.
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Book Review: Leadership and Diversity in Higher Education: Communication and Actions That Work

Book review by Ms. Marjorie Powell ~ In this book review, Ms. Marjorie Powell, J.D., offers her commentary on Leadership and Diversity in Higher Education, a detailed and well-researched book that is particularly appropriate for leaders in higher education. Marjorie currently serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer for AARP, and was previously the Chief Human Resource Officer for University of Maryland, Baltimore.
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Registry News & Updates

Upcoming Conferences

From The Registry ~ Looking ahead to our upcoming travel schedule, The Registry will be attending and sponsoring several national higher education conferences. Read more to see where we'll be next, we'd love to see you there!
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