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How to End Your Assignment Effectively

Article by Carol Descak ~ A member for more than 10 years, Carol has served successfully in several Registry interim appointments. Based on her experiences, Carol shares her advice on what key factors you need to address as you prepare to end your interim assignment.
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Data: The Second Layer

Article by Dr. Carol A. Moore~ Dr. Carol Moore is currently serving as the interim President at Columbia College in South Carolina. In this article, Carol outlines key factors involving data that interims must pay attention to in order to avoid being blindsided.
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Looking Forward as an Interim to “I Don’t Know….”

Article by Dr. Karen Whitney ~ After more than forty years in higher education, Karen decided to join The Registry as a way of staying engaged in academic leadership. In this article Karen describes this new space of "I don't know....", her goals as an interim and consultant, and how she intends to break out of her comfort zone.
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Articles & Book Reviews

Interview With Author Lawrence Weill

An Interview with: Dr. Lawrence Weill ~ In this interview, Dr. Lawrence Weill reflects on his experience as a college president and as author of Out in Front: The College President as the Face of the Institution. Larry offers key insights into what he perceives as new and emergent challenges that presidents face and how they might be overcome.
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Reflections on the 26th Annual Seminar

Article by Amy Miller ~ In this article, Amy reflects on the most recent Registry Annual Seminar in St. Augustine, Florida and shares new details on the 27th annual seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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An Update on Registry Advisory Services

Article by Kevin Matthews ~ In this article, Kevin shares updates about Registry Advisory Services (RAS), recent consulting engagements fulfilled by Registry members, and offers insights into how you can get involved.
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Upcoming Conferences

Looking ahead to the winter and spring travel season, The Registry will be attending and sponsoring several national higher education conferences. Read more to see where we'll be next, we'd love to see you there!
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