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Article by: Dr. Bryan E. Carlson, President Emeritus, and Advisor to The Registry
The REGISTRY has moved through a period of significant transition as it has become a ZRG Company. I would like to provide some perspective on how and why this transition happened.
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Climate Change and Strategic Planning

Article by: Richard Carp, PhD, Registry Member
Climate change is no longer something we know will happen “someday” and that we’ll need to take into account when it does. It is affecting our institutions today and its impacts will accelerate and intensify over time frames covered by our strategic and master plans.
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Curious about other Members and Placements?

Article by: Alison Slater, Membership Operations Manager, The Registry
Data complied by Ranji Matthews, Summer Intern, St. Anselm’s College

Where do our members hail from? Where have they been placed recently? Our summer intern, Ranji Matthews, dug deeper into the data and created some graphics.
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Video Testimonials and Reflections

Over the past six months we have been creating video vignettes with many of our clients and Registry Members. We place these videos through social media and direct marketing programs.
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Registry News & Updates

The Registry Annual Seminar

We wanted to let you know that we will not be holding the annual seminar this fall due to the recent acquisition of The Registry by ZRG, LLC. We hope to resume hosting this event next year and will keep you posted on venue and dates as soon as we can.
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Fall/ Winter Conference Participation

Here is a list of the conferences The Registry will be attending this fall/winter. We hope that if you are attending any of the following conferences you will stop by The Registry booth and say Hello.
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