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Lessons From the Field: Three Reasons You May Not Have Been Chosen

Article by Dr. Ian Newbould ~ Dr. Ian Newbould serves as a Registry Senior Consultant and coordinates Registry interim assignments. Over the past three years, Ian has led more than three dozen interim placements and has also participated in at least three interim placements where he was the candidate of choice. In this article, Ian draws from his experience to outline three reasons why candidates may not be chosen.
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Ending Your Interim Assignment: A New Perspective

Article by Shenethia Manuel, J.D. ~ In this article, Shenethia discusses the importance of cultivating, fostering, and maintaining relationships with members of the campus community as it relates to the success of the interim assignment and its conclusion.
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From President to Dean – Reflections on a Unique Registry Assignment

Article by Dr. Charles Ruch ~ A former President, Provost, and Dean, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Ruch's career has taken him through all levels of academic administration. In this article, Chuck reflects on his experiences as a Registry Interim Dean and how those roles were influenced by his extensive executive experience.
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Interviews & Book Reviews

Interview With Author Dean Smith

An Interview with: Dr. Dean Smith ~ In this interview, we explore Dr. Smith's new book on college and university finances and discuss the challenges of budgetary stress from the perspective of an interim.
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Book Review: University Finances

Book review by Dr. Raj Parikh ~ In this book review, Dr. Raj Parikh dives into "University Finances" to highlight key takeaways for academic leaders. In particular, Raj discusses several important chapters for those with no formal training in accounting or finance that may be useful on an interim assignment.
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Registry News & Updates

Upcoming Conferences

From The Registry ~ Looking ahead to our upcoming travel schedule, The Registry will be attending and sponsoring several national higher education conferences. Read more to see where we'll be next, we'd love to see you there!
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