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On The State Of The Registry

Article by George Matthews and Dr. Bryan Carlson ~ In this letter, George and Bryan share their thoughts on the status of The Registry amidst the challenges imposed by the Coronavirus.
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The Role of Interim Leaders in Enhancing Financial Aid Operations and Processes

Article by Dr. Nayyer Hussain ~ In this article, Dr. Nayyer Hussain shares his insights into how enhancing financial aid practices and processes can improve student retention. Nayyer's commentary is rooted in his deep experience as a college and university chief financial officer. Nayyer has also served in three Registry interim assignments during his time as a member. Presently, he serves as the interim CFO at Ursuline College.
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The Lessons Of Remembrance: A Book Review

Article by Dr. Sam Grogg ~ In this comprehensive book review, Dr. Sam Grogg goes into great detail to offer his insights of the memoirs published by Dr. Wayne Burton and Dr. Fred Zuker. His review offers high praise for both works, identifying shared themes of the two Vietnam veterans while also highlighting elements that make each life experience distinct.
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Interview With The Author: Wayne Burton

Interview with Dr. Wayne Burton ~ In this interview, Dr. Wayne Burton shares with our readers what he believes are the primary takeaways from his memoir, "Wayne's War." In 1969, Wayne was awarded three Bronze Stars and two Army Commendation medals for his service as an Army Officer in Vietnam. As a leader in academia, Wayne has served as a Community College President and as a Dean of Business among other roles.
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Interview With The Author: Fred Zuker

Interview with Dr. Fred Zuker ~ In this interview, Dr. Fred Zuker shares what he believes to be the major takeaway from his memoir, "Standing Tall and Looking Good." The memoir retells his experiences in the military, focusing uniquely on his experiences in basic training during the Vietnam War. During his career in higher education, Fred held myriad leadership roles including interim president, interim provost, vice president of advancement, vice president of enrollment, and others.
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Registry News & Updates

Lessons from the Field: Are You Ready For Your Zoom Interview? Ten Tips for Success

Article by Rev. Dr. Jim Martin ~ Rev. Dr. Jim Martin currently serves as a Registry Senior Consultant, though earlier in his career served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of Mount Ida College. In this article, Jim shares his top ten tips to Registry members on how best to prepare for a Zoom interview. With so many colleges and universities moving to online interviewing tools like Zoom, these tips
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2019 Annual Seminar Report & 28th Annual Seminar Updates

Article by Amy Miller ~ If you are interested in accessing the electronic report from the 2019 Annual Seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona then you may do so here. In this article you can also find updated information regarding the November 2020 Annual Seminar in Memphis, Tennessee.
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From The Editor’s Desk

A Call for Book Reviewers

Article by Galen Hench ~ Registry members are voracious readers and writers, and we are proud of our growing Registry Members' Library which features an array of volumes authored and edited by members like you. We are making a call to members who might be interested in serving as a book reviewer for the Chronicles Newsletter, and if you are interested in learning more then click here.
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