A Call for Book Reviewers

Galen Hench
Director of Membership
The Registry


Within the offices of The Registry, the bookshelves of The Registry Members’ Library are rapidly expanding. Featured exclusively on these shelves are books written by members of The Registry. At the most recent Annual Seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona, we had a tremendous opportunity to feature for the second consecutive year the Registry’s Authors’ Corner, which is a collection of those books in our Members’ Library which have been published in the last three years. Moving forward, the Authors’ Corner will be a main feature of the Annual Seminar, and so we expect that the Members’ Library will only continue to grow. With more books on the shelves, we are seeking more reviewers! 

The books authored and edited by our members cover a vast array of topics, including board leadership, diversity and inclusion, university finances, and more. Reflective of The Registry’s unique mission, the aim of our book reviews is, in part, to highlight how the book might be most relevant to a current or future interim administrator. What lessons, ideas, or data did you take away from the book that might benefit other interim leaders in higher education?  Included below are a few common questions about serving as a book reviewer. 

Above: The Registry’s Authors’ Corner display at the 27th Annual Seminar.

How Can I Get Involved?

Becoming a book reviewer is easy. Just e-mail the Registry Chronicles newsletter editor Galen Hench to express your interest. 


Is There A Big Time Commitment?

No, there is not a big time commitment associated with being a book reviewer. In general, reviewers will be contacted approximately two months in advance of the publication date. This gives us plenty of time to ship the book, and for the reviewer to read and write their review. 


Can I Request To Be Contacted To Review Certain Genres?

We will take into consideration your thematic preferences. When you contact Galen, let him know what themes or genres of books you are most interested in reviewing. 


Could You Share A Few Examples Of Recent Reviews?


Book Review: University Finances

Book Review: Leadership & Diversity In Higher Education

Book Review: Good Fortune Next Time

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Searching for an Interim?
Please contact us for more information.



Contact the Registry for more information.


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