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Three Tips for Advancement Leadership Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Article by Carla Willis ~ Carla Willis currently serves as the Interim Vice President for Advancement & Communication at Saint Leo University, a position she has held since Summer 2019. In this article, Carla shares her advice on how interim leaders can keep their teams aligned to institutional goals in the face of COVID-19 and more.
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Financial Management Amidst the Coronavirus: Lessons Learned

Article by David McConnell ~ David "Dave" McConnell has served in three previous Registry interim assignments, and now serves in his fourth at Oklahoma City University as the interim CFO. In this article, Dave shares his insights into the unique challenges the Coronavirus has presented and how he has helped the institution to respond.
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University Enrollment in the Face of COVID-19

Article by Joellen Lindner ~ In this article, Joellen shares with readers some of the challenges that COVID-19 has introduced to her assignment as the interim Chief Enrollment Officer at Mansfield University. Joellen and her team had to move quickly to implement several major initiatives to limit the effects that the Coronavirus could have on student admissions and retention.
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Planned Giving in a Nutshell: A Book Review

Article by Bruce Mack ~ Registry member Bruce Mack draws upon his own expertise as a senior advancement officer to offer a thorough review of "Planned Giving in a Nutshell." Bruce most recently served as the Interim Vice President for University Advancement at the University of Northern Iowa. Prior to that, he served as a senior development officer at the University of Nevada, Reno.
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Interview With The Author: Craig Wruck

Interview with Craig Wruck ~ Craig Wruck is the author of "Essential Planned Giving in a Nutshell." The book is presented as a comprehensive reference on the principles of planned giving and development. In this author interview, Craig expands on the subjects addressed in his book and addresses the unique role of the interim fundraiser.
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Registry News & Updates

How Interims Are Transforming Higher Education Leadership

Article by Dr. Jim Martin and Galen Hench ~ This article was originally published in HigherEdJobs in June 2020, and is featured here for our members who may not have seen it. In this article, Jim and Galen discuss how the perspective of outside interim leadership has changed, what institutions should expect of an outside interim, and the value of veteran leaders during the ongoing pandemic.
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From The Editor’s Desk

The Registry’s Growing Presence On LinkedIn

Article by Galen Hench ~ In this brief article, Galen offers updates regarding The Registry's continued expansion on LinkedIn, what we are doing to highlight our member's achievements, and how members can connect to The Registry's LinkedIn page.
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