Interview with Wayne Brumfield

An Interview with: Dr. Wayne Brumfield & Galen Hench ~ Nearly four years ago, Dr. Wayne Brumfield was nominated to The Registry. Now, with one successful assignment already completed, Wayne discusses the surprises and successes of his second assignment, serving as the interim Vice President of Student Affairs at Humboldt State University.
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Interview with Deborah “Sunny” Schmitt

An Interview with: Dr. Deborah "Sunny" Schmitt & Galen Hench ~ Due to the talent and expertise that Registry interims bring to their roles, it is not uncommon for institutions to extend the length of the interim's assignment. When Sunny assumed the role of interim Chief Academic Officer at River Valley Community college, she had no idea that a future extension would include a promotion to interim President.
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The Three Interims of Central Washington University

A Joint Interview With: Drs. Rick Duffett, Greg Paveza, and Bill Schafer ~ What is a university to do when faced with simultaneous leadership challenges? In the case of Central Washington University, the solution was to bring in three Registry interims. In this interview, I speak with Rick, Greg, and Bill to explore their novel experience working alongside one another as Registry peers.
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Interim Spotlight: Christine Meola

By: Christine Meola ~ Christine Meola is currently serving as the interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations, her first Registry assignment.
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Interim Spotlight: Carol Seavor

By: Dr. Carol Seavor ~ Serving in her second interim assignment, Dr. Carol Seavor shares her experience as the interim Dean of Nursing at Pacific Lutheran University.
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Interim Spotlight: Karan Powell

By: Dr. Karan Powell ~ Dr. Karan Powell serves as the interim Vice President of Academic Affairs at Saint Francis University and in this spotlight expands on her work to help advance Catholic higher education.
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Articles & Book Reviews

The Role of the Interim Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Edgar Schick

Article by: By Dr. Edgar Schick ~ In this article, Dr. Edgar Schick acknowledges the unique role of an interim chief academic officer particularly in the world of liberal arts colleges. Dr. Schick outlines several creative solutions that interim chief academic officers may be able to implement successfully as a means of supporting faculty development and institutional academic vitality.
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Book Review: Let’s Get Started, Dr. Thomas Langevin

Article by: Dr. Thomas Langevin ~ In his his autobiography 'Let's Get Started', Dr. Thomas Langevin compiles the memories of his life of service to higher education. "The primary purpose in writing this book is to share my lifetime of memories, which explains why my christian life was one worth living."
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From The Registry

Letter from the Editor

Article by: Galen Hench ~ In this third publication of the Registry Chronicles, we have made some stylistic and editorial improvements aimed at improving your reading experience. Learn more here.
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Upcoming Conferences

Looking ahead to the fall travel season, The Registry will be attending and sponsoring several national higher education conferences. Read more to see where we'll be next; we'd love to see you there!
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