Registry 27th Annual Seminar Previews

Panel Preview: New Directions for Theological Seminaries

Registry Annual Seminar Panel Preview by Dr. Rev. Bill Nelsen ~ Bill Nelsen serves as a Registry Senior Consultant and will be facilitating a panel on "New Directions for Theological Seminaries." In this preview, Bill offers some background on the panel and its speakers.
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Panel Preview: Visionaires Panel Will Predict The Future

Registry Annual Seminar Preview by Dr. Bryan Carlson ~ Bryan Carlson, President of The Registry, will lead five current and former presidents in a discussion to predict the major changes in higher education over the next decade. This discussion will feature commentary on community colleges, independent colleges and universities, flagship institutions, state systems, and more.
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Registry Member and Staff Articles

Ending Your Interim Assignment: Perspectives From An Advancement Officer

Article by Dennis Hunt ~ Dennis' first Registry interim assignment was at Carlow University, where he spent nearly 15 months as the interim Vice President for Development. Later, he served as the interim Vice President for Advancement at Oklahoma City University. In this article, Dennis shares his perspective on how you can end your assignment effectively.
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The Role of the Interim’s Spouse or Partner

Article by Chris Plunkett and John Watson ~ In this co-authored article, Chris and John discuss the benefits, challenges, and key decisions that must be jointly made between a Registry interim and his or her spouse or partner.
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The Expectations Document

Article by Dr. Robert Smith ~ The expectations document is an essential element of any successful placement. In many ways, it is this document that uniquely details the roles and responsibilities of the interim during their period of service. In this article, Bob shares his insight into the development and codification of the Expectations Document.
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From The Registry

Upcoming Conferences

Looking ahead to the fall and winter travel season, The Registry will be attending and sponsoring several national higher education conferences. Read more to see where we'll be next, we'd love to see you there!
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