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Interim Presidents As Disruptors

Article by Dr. Carol Moore ~ Dr. Carol Moore has served as an interim president on several occasions throughout her career. In this article, Carol reflects on her experiences to inform readers of the benefits and potential challenges of leading as a disruptor.
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Finding Positives in the Pandemic

Article by Bettina "Betsy" Sawhill Espe ~ In this article, Betsy Sawhill Espe shares with readers the reasons that she remains optimistic amidst this pandemic and the ways in which her service as an interim has inspired happiness.
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Why Political Savvy is Crucial for Higher Ed Leaders

Article by Dr. Wayne Burton ~ In this article, Dr. Wayne Burton draws from his years of experience as a community college president to inform readers about why it is important that leaders in the public sector posses the skills to navigate the political sector. This article initially appeared in HigherEdJobs in March 2021.
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Registry News & Updates

Why Do Interims Want To Be Interims?

Article by Dr. Jim Martin & Galen Hench ~ In this article, Senior Consultant Dr. Jim Martin and Director of Membership Galen Hench explore why some leaders are motivated to serve as interims in higher education. This article originally appeared in HigherEdJobs in March 2021.
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Clarifying Exclusivity for Registry Interims

Article by The Registry ~ In response to questions regarding The Registry Membership Agreement, we seek to address the core of those questions here. Please take a moment to review the information shared in this brief piece and contact us if you have any further questions.
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