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The Importance for Interim Leaders To Understand the Black Lives Matter Movement

A Joint Interview With: Drs. Dorothy Campbell and Boyce Williams ~ Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus, conversations about the Black Lives Matter Movement have seen a resurgence in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others. In this article, members Dorothy Campbell and Boyce Williams share their perspectives about the meaning of Black Lives Matter and why it is vital that interim leaders understand the message behind the movement. At the end of the article, Dorothy and Boyce provide a list of suggested resources for those who are interested in pursuing further reading on the topic.
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Looming Legal Challenges on the Horizon: COVID-19’s Ongoing Influence on American Higher Education

Article by Dr. James "Jim" Castagnera, Esq. ~ Leveraging his career experience as Associate Provost and Legal Counsel for Academic Affairs and human resources consultant, Jim offers several key insights about several legal challenges that may yet emerge on college and university campuses due to the Coronavirus. Given the uncertainty facing many institutions, interim leaders would do well to understand the scope of challenges that their institutions may encounter.
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Interview With The Author: Geoffrey Cox

Interview with Dr. Geoffrey Cox ~ In this interview, Geoff shares with readers key takeaways from his book "Theorizing the Resilience of American Higher Education." His book, which was published in 2019, is especially relevant today as the Coronavirus tests the robustness of state and independent colleges and universities alike.
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Reflections of Higher Education in a Time of Crisis: A Book Review

Article by Dr. Irene Kovala ~ In this book review, Irene shares a comprehensive analysis of Dr. Geoffrey Cox's book "Theorizing The Resilience of American Higher Education." As the Coronavirus continues to cause serious disruption across the country, the book and Irene's review are both timely and relevant.
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Registry News & Updates

Lessons from the Field: Three Tips to Succeed as Interim President

Article by Dr. Richard Green ~ A long-time colleague of Registry Co-Founder Dr. Thomas Langevin, Richard has served as an interim President on several assignments and now serves as a Registry Senior Consultant. In this article Richard reflects on his unique experiences in the academy, and shares how those experiences can help to prepare other leaders as they assume an interim presidency themselves.
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The Registry’s LinkedIn Initiative: Expanded Opportunities for Members

Article by Dr. Robert "Bob" Smith ~ Bob currently serves as a Registry Senior Consultant leading the placement of interim leaders, complementing his previous experience as a Registry client himself. In this article Bob dives into great detail about the benefits of creating a LinkedIn profile and shares numerous tips about how to optimize your professional page. Further, Bob offers advice on how to connect with the The Registry's new LinkedIn page once you have created your profile.
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