Introducing The Registry Chronicles

Article by: Galen Hench

Last year The Registry celebrated its 25th anniversary, a milestone that provided us with an opportunity to not only reflect on our past successes but also to look ahead at what more can be done. In thinking about the future, we made the commitment to re-introduce The Registry’s membership newsletter; the first edition of the newsletter was delivered to our membership last summer. The feedback we received from readers was positive, and we set to work to incorporate suggestions that would resonate with our members.

To that end, I invite you to explore your issue of the Registry Chronicles, the newly-minted and most current edition of The Registry’s membership newsletter. The Registry Chronicles is now entirely online, which is a format that allows us to address some of the most pressing feedback that was provided by our members. Our readers praised the past newsletter’s content and initiative, but lamented the difficulty of accessing the newsletter and specific articles of interest; members enjoyed reading the updates, but found that it was difficult to customize the text size on the computer or on print, making it challenging to read the articles.

The new online format of the newsletter addresses these challenges in spades, and I encourage you to dive in to the Registry Chronicles to see for yourself. The interviews, interim spotlights, and more are now immediately accessible with just the click of a button. Moreover, the newsletter now features a search function that allows you to identify content using keywords based on your interests, a tool that will become more powerful as we add more content from Registry members and staff in the years ahead.

Also, because of the newsletter’s online presence, it’s possible to zoom in and out as necessary to make readability easier; the same is true for printing the newsletter content. At the bottom of every article you will find a small print icon, which you can click on to adjust the size of the font before you print. 

We are very excited about the new name, too. Numerous members submitted their suggestions and we are deeply appreciative to everyone who took the time to nominate possible names. After much internal discussion, we opted to choose the name Registry Chronicles because we felt that it was an accurate representation of what we are trying to accomplish with this quarterly publication—namely, chronicling the great work being done by the members of The Registry.

We value your input, and I encourage you to continue to share your feedback regarding the membership newsletter. You can send your comments to us directly, or you can contact me directly via e-mail.

Best wishes to you and to a great year ahead!


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