Interim Spotlight: Patrick Lepore

Interim Executive Director of Information Technology at Dunwoody College

What is your interim assignment, and could you tell us a little bit about it?

I am the interim Executive Director of Information Technology at Dunwoody College of Technology. This assignment is squarely in my sweet spot. In this role I have the opportunity to coach and mentor some very talented young IT professionals.

What’s something rewarding that you have done, or hope to do by the end of your assignment?

Feedback has been very positive from senior administration, especially my boss. But, more importantly, the individuals I am mentoring are blooming rapidly. The staff are showing early signs of success, and are clearly heading toward the next level of their careers.

I am extremely happy with the progress the current IT leaders are making. Also, as they open and broaden their view of the institution, they see technical enhancements that can improve the service to the community. I get great personal satisfaction from the progress and direction the IT leadership is taking.

What’s been new in regard to culture that is different from your previous institution?

I think the most significant cultural difference I find from previous jobs I’ve held is the cooperation and collaboration of the people here. Just about everyone seems willing to help and participate in making things run more smoothly. This culture is evident throughout the institution, including senior administrators, staff, faculty and students.

But I don’t feel like the “new kid” because I was immediately accepted with friendly cooperation. Of course, the most difficult part of being new is remembering all the names and faces. I’m working on that, with their help, and they are very understanding.

Are there any nearby destinations of interest that you intend to explore?

Dunwoody College of Technology is located on the west edge of downtown Minneapolis, which is a very vibrant and friendly place. The uptown section of Minneapolis, as well as Downtown, have many great restaurants and shops.

Many great scenic lakes are within the city limits with all sorts of activities such as walking and jogging trails, fishing, boating, and cross-country skiing. The Mississippi River runs through the area and provides many activities. Many down-hill ski areas are nearby with all the après-ski activities. I am very happy to be here and would recommend the experience to anyone.

What’s the best recommendation you have to another new member thinking about taking on their first interim assignment?

Retirement means different things to different people. To me it meant having the time to enjoy all the activities that a career hinders. I was ready to engage with The Registry because I have many activities and hobbies that fit nicely into a retired life—I restore old cars, ride motorcycles, fish, ski, and make wine—but I soon realized that these activities were not as satisfying as they were before retirement.

The Registry offered me a great bridge to continue to work and stay in the game without all the larger commitments of a full time career. They seem very receptive to allow a bit of “cherry Picking” to keep you challenged and stimulated at a more appropriate level. I am now recommending The Registry to my friends who are considering making the decision to retire.

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