Registry Advisory Services: Helping Build A Public Private Partnership For A Brighter Future

Kevin Matthews
President, Registry Advisory Services
Vice President, The Registry




[Editor’s Note: The paragraphs below are taken from a sponsored feature appearing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, first published online in Spring 2021.]

Registry Advisory Services (RAS) is made up of consultants drawn from The Registry, the nation’s premier placement firm for interim higher education administrators. With more than 1,000 current Members, The Registry is able to supply consultants and interim leaders for short- and long-term RAS projects in dozens of different capacities on college and university campuses.

One of the specialties of RAS is to collaboratively envision “Alternative Futures” for institutions currently challenged by tuition declines, budgetary pressures, demographic shifts and the Covid-19 pandemic, to name a few examples. RAS consultants have experience in developing plans that allow colleges and universities to respond to these challenges in nimble, creative ways. With the resources of hundreds of institutions currently being served by Registry Interims, our consultants have experience in designing and implementing affiliations, alliances and federations that help colleges enhance their missions by joining together to become more competitive locally, regionally and nationally.

RAS consultants have experience, as well, in building public-private partnerships that establish regional identities to strengthen enrollments. Beyond standard budget and enrollment management goals, RAS projects are also known for their broad economic development and grant-funded achievements. Through partnerships coordinated by RAS, colleges and universities are able to pursue academic and philanthropic pathways otherwise closed to them as single institutions…


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