Interim Pets: A Difference-Making Resource

Dr. James Martin, Senior Consultant
Galen Hench, Director of Membership and CTO

Over the past several years, we have collected multiple stories, tips, recommendations, questions, and, of course, photos of the pets our Members have taken with them on Interim assignments. As a change of pace this Spring, we thought Chronicles readers might enjoy not only hearing about a group of various travelling pets but also learning some of the best practices their owners have recorded when bringing pets on placements. Whether in an office on a campus or simply present in the background of a Zoom, pets are key partners for some Members as they undertake Interim work.

We asked four Members to share background about their pets along with the best practices they have learned which could be of value for pet-owning colleagues who will be placed this summer and during the 2022-2023 academic year. Included below are links to each special feature, which can also be found on the newsletter’s homepage.

Anvil & Zee (Scott Brown)

Calamity Kelly (Barbara Ake)

Charlie & Dolly (Patricia Lynott)

Conway (Shana Meyer)

We welcome information from other Registry Members for possible future articles about how having a pet on a placement has made a positive difference for them as well any precautions that needed to be taken ahead of time to ensure a positive experience. We would also like to express our thanks to Shana, Barb, Scott, and Patty for sharing their observations, tips, and recommendations. Happy Spring (and Summer) to all Registry pets, and their owners.




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