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An Interview With Author Dr. Eileen Strempel

Interview with Dr. Eileen Strempel ~ In this interview, Eileen and co-author Stephen Handel reflect on their latest work Beyond Free College and how interim leaders can positively influence the non-traditional student experience. Here, as in the book, Eileen addresses those leaders in the Academy who might not agree with the prospect of "free college" by reframing the conversation from "access" to "outcomes."
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Beyond Free College: A Book Review

Book Review by Dr. Mary Bruck ~ In this review, Registry member Dr. Mary Bruck shares a few of her key takeaways from the book Beyond Free College , including developing strategies around prior learning credits for adult learners; changes to online learning technology in the 21st century; and more.
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Crafting Your Personal DEI Statement

Article by Galen Hench ~ More and more, colleges and universities expect that interim candidates be prepared to articulate a personal diversity, equity, and inclusion statement. That is, a statement on how the interim might assist the institution in meeting key DEI priorities. In this article, we offer a few resources you might consider using.
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