Visionaries Panel Will Predict The Future         

Session Scheduled for Friday, November 8th @ 4:00pm

At the 27th ANNUAL REGISTRY SEMINAR one of the opening sessions will be a panel of five Visionaries charged with the responsibility of predicting the future and forecasting potential major changes over the next decade in American higher education. The panel will include individual experts with backgrounds and expertise derived from extensive experience, respectively, in the following realms of American higher education: community colleges, independent colleges/universities, flagship publics, state systems, and alternative models for the academy.

The forecasts of the five Visionaries will provide a holistic and composite projection of the evolution and status of American higher education ten years into the future. This projection should resonate with the Seminar’s theme, NEW DIRECTIONS FOR THE ACADEMY. The Registry has detected a nuanced and subtle difference in the culture of our industry that might be described as a willingness to consider more radical and extreme solutions in the face of current challenges and potentially disruptive conditions. To be more specific, the following strategic initiatives reflect a range of current trends, all of which portend a threat in a variety of ways to conventional models and ultimately the sovereignty of individual institutions: Reorganizing; Restructuring; Consolidating; Partnering; Outsourcing; Rebooting, Merging; Closing; etc.

Thus, we are anticipating a convergence of the prognostications of our Visionaries with the above referenced NEW DIRECTIONS FOR THE ACADEMY—and also a thematic overlap with what all of our Members will be reporting and sharing throughout the 2019 ANNUAL SEMINAR.


Facilitator: Bryan Carlson, President, The Registry
Panel Member: E. Joseph Lee, Registry President, Spring Hill College
Panel Member: Katherine Douglas, Former President, Corning Community College
Panel Member: William Nelsen, Senior Consultant, The Registry & Former Interim President, Episcopal Divinity School
Panel Member: Jay Gogue, Interim President, Auburn University
Panel Member: Karen Whitney, Former Chancellor, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
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