Student Affairs Today: Preparing For New Challenges                                   

Since the beginnings of the profession, Student Affairs has often encountered intractable challenges that required institutional responses and multidisciplinary institutional thinking. It is now the case that new issues and pressures are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, most of the time publicly in the press and in social media, where senior leadership rarely has the luxury of adequate time to review and consider strategies and options.

The panel intends to provide presidents and senior colleagues who are taking on new interim assignments with a broad view of some of the complex experiences they may encounter. Participants will share a range of current and ongoing challenges, trends, and incidents that encompass ways in which global, national and local realities impact campuses and our common educational enterprise. The focus of the discussion will be on lessons learned, on fostering collaborative approaches for senior leadership to develop and implement institutional responses and strategies that are wise, sensible and fully informed, as well as sensitive and aware of the often competing needs and expectations of our many communities and constituencies.


Facilitator: Janina Montero, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs, Emerita & Senior Advisor, University of California Los Angeles
Panel Member: Drew Calandrella, Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, University of California San Diego
Panel Member: W. Wayne Brumfield, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Humboldt State University, CA
Panel Member: Michael Young, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs, Emeritus, University of California Santa Barbara
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