Special Series: Interim Pets

Anvil & Zee

By Dr. Scott Brown ~ "Pets helped us meet others in the community beyond the campus. There was a dog park nearby, and it was a wonderful way to interact with those in the community outside of my work colleagues."
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Calamity Kelly

By Dr. Barbara Ake ~ "Find a local vet who is respected in the community and lives nearby. Make sure you also know where the 24-hour emergency clinic is along with its phone number."
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Charlie & Dolly

By Dr. Patricia Lynott ~ "No matter how great the opportunity, the possibility of being separated from a beloved pet will have a negative impact on decision-making when it comes to a long-term interim assignment."
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By. Dr. Shana Meyer ~ "It is wise for the Interim leader to make sure to account for some adjustment time for the pet in a new location, including in my case, cat-proofing the house that had been offered to me. "
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In This Issue

As Interims, Using a Consultant Wisely is Hard Work

Article by Dr. Susan Henking ~ In this article, Susan leans into her experience as both an interim President and Provost to present an array of questions that Interims should encourage their campuses to ask before hiring consultants. Just as is true with every hire, bringing in a consultant or consulting firm can benefit from some significant prior reflection that moves beyond the basics.
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An Interim Nursing Dean’s Story

Article by Dr. Susan LaRocco ~ In this article, Susan details her experience serving as an Interim Dean of Nursing. Recently retired, Susan envisioned pursuing interim roles through The Registry might be a way to remain engaged in higher education. She could not have expected that the call to serve would ring so soon.
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Interims As Public Commissioners: Suggested Practices

Interview with Dr. Kathryn Dodge ~ Over the past several years, we have heard from a number of Interim leaders about additional activities and pursuits they have become involved in professionally. In this interview, Kathryn reflects on her service as the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission, outlining how these and related experiences are relevant for those who wish to serve as interim administrators. 
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Registry News & Updates

An Interview With Author Dr. Robert Smith

Interview with Dr. Robert Smith ~ Dr. Bob Smith currently serves as a Registry Senior Consultant and previously served for 45 years in faculty and senior administrative positions in six U.S. research universities. In this interview, Bob addresses why he wrote his new book (Modern Messages from Green Gables on Loving, Living and Learning: The Anne Stories), and what messages it might have for 21st century citizens and particularly Registry Members serving as interim senior administrators.
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The Anne Stories: A Book Review

Book Review by Dr. Maryrose Eannace~ In this book, Dr. Robert Smith offers a richly constructed read of the past as shared in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Green Gables volumes and the need and applicability of Anne’s intrepid practices and principals in those past times to our own tumultuous present.
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